PROJECT 17 - The Paleolithic Era

Name 3 animals the first human beings hunted for food.
Where did humans live during the Paleolithic era?
What is another name for the Paleolithic era?

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Create your own cave painting like the ones created by humans during the Paleolithic Era. Examples:

PROJECT 16 - The Human Organs


Which organ filters waste out of your blood?
Are the lungs the same size?
Name the 5 parts of the brain.
What does the heart do?

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Video Link:  Watch this video to learn more!

Human Organs Game:

PROJECT 15 - Parts and Types of Plants

What are the four parts of the plant?
Which part of the plant makes energy?
What are the different types of plants?
What type of plant is found in hot and dry weather?
Describe a Bush/Shrub.
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     Label and Color

PROJECT 14 - The Water Cycle (II)

What are the 4 phases of the water cycle?
Which phase of the cycle is occurring if it rains or snows?
In which phase of the cycle is there steam or vapor?
Where does water collect?
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     Coloring sheet:
     Make your own Water Cycle Wheel:

PROJECT 13 - Andalusia

Questions: What part of Spain is Andalucia in, the North, South, East or West?
                      How many provinces does Andalucia have?
                      Name one river in Andalucia.

Activity: Color each province a different color.

PROJECT 12 - Layers of the Earth

Question:  Name the layers of the Earth.
                Which layer is at the center of the Earth? 
                 Which layer is farthest from the center?

Video Link:  Watch this video to learn more!

PROJECT 11 - Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Question:  Which have a backbone: vertebrates or invertebrates?
                 Can you name 3 animals that are vertebrates and 3 that
                       are invertebrates?